Dungeness Crab

There is something about Thanksgiving and Dungeness Crab. Yes I know it is also about the turkey. In Sonoma county the bounty of the first Dungeness crab harvest is a celebration of the sea. For recreation crabers like me I love grabbing some food at Spud Point Crab Shack and going out with my hoop crab pots. Baiting the pots, placing them in the water, grab some food and wait for the crab. One year we took our SoCal friends out for some crabbing. We teamed up with each team manning a hoop. My team wanted to tease so we raise our crab pot screaming we had crab. Well in the excitement of our fake out we did not look in the pot when we raise it out of the water. To our surprise we had two legal size crabs looking back at us.

The campgrounds are filled and the boat trailers lined along Westside drive.

For the commercial fishermen and women it is their lively hood. A delay in the crab season can financially wipe them out. I wish them a bountifull crab season. Stay safe out there!