A mystical 10-mile stretch of California coast and extends about 1 mile inland. With trails leading out to salty cliffs that are alive with nesting birds, sunning harbor seals and wind swept sculptured the cypress trees. There are miles of hiking, biking and horse trails and a Scottish-style golf course. Watch watched migrating gray whales breach the surface from Walk-On Beach. Located 2 1/2 hours from San Francisco this secluded unspoiled swath of California coast — bordering Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

The terrain is rugged, the surf treacherous, the ocean cold. Winds have sculpted cypress and pines into rhythmic shapes. The climate ranges from bright sunshine to dense fog, howling winds and pelting rain – sometimes all in a single day. The weather, the season and the time of day all contribute to The Sea Ranch’s dramatic beauty.

Sea Ranch Photographs Available for Sale Locally at Artisans' Co-op in Bodgea. Website: Francesca Scalpi


All of the beaches on the coast of The Sea Ranch, like all California beaches, belong to the public. The public can access the beaches at specific points without trespassing on private property. Along Highway 1 at the mile markers indicated,  you will find public access parking maintained by Sonoma County. Parking is currently $7.  Restrooms are available. From each parking area, you walk a trail to the beach.

Black Point: Steep staircase to 1/4 mile-long sandy beach with dramatic waves. Mile marker 50.85.
Pebble Beach: Small sheltered cove with tidepools. Mile marker 52.29.
Stengel Beach: Small rocky beach with stairs that end on a large rock; waterfall after rains. Mile marker 53.96.
Shell Beach: Sea stacks and tidepools; logs to sit on; ramp to walk small boats to the ocean. Mile marker 55.54.
Walk-On Beach: Wheelchair and stroller accessible, but it's a hard push through sandy spots; a sandy beach. Mile Marker 56.48.  Please Note:  The public trail to Walk-On Beach is currently closed just north of the beach, due to a collapse of the trail. There is no public access to Walk-On Beach until the trail can be repaired.  
Bluff Trail (3 miles from Walk-On Beach to Gualala Point Park).

 Benefits available to members, guests and renters are access to The Sea Ranch Library, Outdoor Recreation Areas, Moonraker Recreation Center, Ohlson Recreation Center and Del Mar Center.

Please Note: All Sea Ranch roads and most trails are private. Visitors not staying on The Sea Ranch must park in the public access parking areas on Highway 1 and stay only on the public trails and beaches. If staying at The Sea Ranch, be sure to display the tag supplied by your rental agency on your vehicle's rearview mirror or dashboard, or your vehicle will be subject to citation and immobilization.

Sea Ranch Golf Links

Designed by Robert Muir Graves and completed in 1974, the first nine holes at The Sea Ranch Golf Links jumped onto the list of exciting and scenic golf destinations. In 1995 this “Gem of the Seaside” links was completed at 6649 yards, par 72, when Graves’ second nine was opened. The course’s blend of undulating seaside landscape with Scottish links-style architecture was a first on the West Coast. The Sea Ranch Golf Links remains one of the most highly regarded golf experiences in California and unique on the North Coast. www.searanchgolf.com/


Sea Ranch Harbor Seal Photographs Available for Sale Locally at Artisans' Co-op in Bodgea. Website: Francesca Scalpi


The Sea Ranch is a unique community association of private homes, sited with careful attention to the natural landscape along a 10-mile stretch of the Sonoma County coast in Northern California. It is internationally known for its distinctive architecture, the sensitivity of its land planning, and community-based stewardship of the natural environment.

The self-guided Audio Walking Tour explores elements of the first area developed at The Sea Ranch with one of the founding Sea Ranch architects, Donlyn Lyndon. The tour will include views and discussions of Condominium One (now on the National Register of Historic Places),the Hedgerow Houses, the iconic Sea RanchMeadow, The Sea Ranch Store and its expansion into the Lodge, and Moonraker Recreation Center.
You can download his commentary from The Sea Ranch website on your smart phone.


Condominium One designed by MLTW (Richard Whitaker, Donlyn Lyndon, Charles Moore, and William Turnbull) received the AIA’s 25 year award and is is also on the National Register of Historic Places at the national level of significance. Condominium One was constructed in 1965 and is one of the most significant landmarks of post-war American architecture. Revolutionary in design and widely imitated, Condominium 1 helped redirect the course of modern architecture around the world.

"Buildings were meant to be like geodes, ordinary rocks on the outside with the inside going gangbusters".
Mr. Whitaker

"Our most difficult task was to find a way for people to inhabit this magnificent and natural system in numbers without destroying the very reason for people to come here".
Lawrence Halprin

"The Sea Ranch Concept is not about a ‘nice place to live.’It’s about a unique place to live, unique in its vision and its intent to build a community dedicated to a common effort, an effort to protect and preserve the natural character of a remarkable beautiful and appealing place."
Gordon Beebe

"One of the fundamental tenets of the philosophy that has guided the development of The Sea Ranch is that the landscape of bluffs, meadows and forest creates the special character unique to this community and should dominate all human endeavors. The siting and design of buildings and their accoutrements should be responsive to, and in harmony with, the landscape."
Russell Beatty

"Mother Earth"

Great Buildings Sea Ranch Condominium


Book: “Shaping the Sonoma-Mendocino Coast — Exploring the Coastal Geology of Northern California” by Sea Ranch Resident, Thomas Cochrane

A compelling examination of the complex processes involved inside our planet which began eons ago. With an introduction to “Deep Time” and the Geologic Time Clock, geologist Thomas Cochrane provides a detailed yet approachable overview for the layperson of how and why the Sonoma-Mendocino region’s coastline appears as it does today—with all its fascinating oddities. .

The 85-mile ROAD LOG provides precise instructions for a self-drive geological tour from Bodega Bay at Sonoma County’s southern tip to the tiny hamlet of Elk in Mendocino County (utilizing highway mile markers)—includes MUST-SEE features as well as suggestions for best hikes, picnic spots, public access beaches, campgrounds, side trips inland, and more…


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