Farm Tours

One of the best ways to explore Sonoma County’s back roads is by visiting local farms. Throughout Sonoma Coast you can find family farms and artisanal growers who are creating agricultural products that reflect their own unique terroir. Sonoma County encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: from oak-studded hills to flood plains, from redwood groves to windswept beaches.



Agri-tourism is alive and well in the heartland of Sonoma County. Small farms have turned to agri-tourism as a method of supplementing income and raising awareness about rural America. Some farms have interactions with the horses, goats, and sheep, as well as tour the organic gardens that supply the farm with fresh vegetables. You may purchase freshly collected organic eggs from the farm’s own hens. Sonoma County Farm Trails, the county’s organization devoted to agri-tourism, also sponsors a special weekend extravaganza (dubbed “Weekend Along Farm Trails”) once a year.

Glenhill Farm and Gardens

Glenhill Farm and Gardens has farm fresh produce year round, chickens & eggs, cashmere goats and babydoll sheep. Our Community Supported Agriculture program includes 12-15 pieces of fresh seasonal produce.We have a sheep lease program which is a green alternative for weed control in vineyards, orchards and pastures.
The Babydolls are hardy grazers and great for clearing small fields and vineyards. Cashmere goats can be raised on a few acres. They can also be raised to compliment an existing sheep, cattle or other animal farm. Goats help improve pastures through weed and brush control. They produce a luxurious fiber that can be harvested, processed and sold to others or used by the owner to create beautiful garments.
Glenhill Farm and Gardens, 755 Tomales Road, Petaluma, CA 94952
Tel: (415) 302-0883


Freestone ranch

At Freestone Ranch we raise Black Angus beef with good grassland genetics on gorgeous fog-kissed hills just inland from the Pacific Ocean. We don't use antibiotics, vaccines, or growth hormones.
They're delicious because we watch the grass very carefully, and we rotate them regularly, depending on the grass, the weather, the season, and good common sense.
We sell direct, in quarters, halves, or whole steers. Individual cuts are available at Bill's Farm Basket or Andy's Produce Market in Sebastopol, CA. Our beef is harvested humanely and locally, and it's dressed locally by butcher shops with deep history in the Sonoma County community.
Email us at call us at (707) 876-4610.