The Epicure Interviews

The art of the table is serious here in West County. Tasty food and beverage consumption is aligned to my personal and perhaps selfish interests! As I have jokingly noted to friends, I am slightly thirsty or slightly hungry or both at any given moment. I live in a small town and like many of my neighbors, I will often buy pre-made ingredients to consume with our meals. A small round of cheese, perfectly beautiful mushrooms or a nice bottle of pinot noir - local products made in the western edge of Sonoma County are different. There is something about the food here that tastes better, richer and more wholesome. Perhaps it's the coastal influence, the skill level or passion of the producer.  Food makers here are producing interesting, artisanal foods that I have enjoyed or want to enjoy. And I want to know and understand more about what they do and why. 

To highlight my culinary neighbors, I am introducing a new series -  "The Epicure Interviews". Starting this month, I will post a new interview about a west county beverage or food producer. 

For our inaugural interview, I recently spoke with Ross Halleck owner of of Halleck Wines. Please take a moment and enjoy. Preferably with a tasty morsel or drink. 

I'll set the table,