Artist Showcase: Glass Wood & Photography

Bi-monthly the Artisans' Co-op showcases their artists. In July they will showcase their Glass, Wood artists and Photographers. There will be demonstration, free raffle and reception. Event will start at 12pm with demonstrations. The reception will be from 4pm to 6pm. Address: 17175 Bodega Hwy, Bodega, CA 94922


Glass Art

Art glass can be created a multitude of shapes and can incorporate color through a wide range of techniques. Hand-made items that can include the use of molds for shaping, ribbing, and spiking to produce decorative bubbles.



Wooden Boxes made from all recycled or up cycled material.  Each box is one of a kind. They come in  Keepsake, Jewelry, Recipe, Tea and Ring boxes. Our wooden bird houses are made with recycled material. Baskets woven from local kelp. Wood vases from master wood workers.



Our photographers work in a variety of mediums and subject matters. Their work has been on exhibit in Art Centers and Museums. You can purchase their work displayed on wood, glass, aluminum, with archival mats, wood or metal frames.

Photography: Francesca Scalpi

Learn about the type of equipment used to capture Birds in Flight from photographer Francesca Scalpi.

Glass artists Jeanne Bosko and Libby Kirk will be discussing the steps in creating Art Glass.

Wood artisan Jerry Pagnusat will be demonstrating techniques he uses to make his wood boxes out of 100 year old wood.