Fiber Arts

Cobbling, spinning, knitting, crocheting weaving, felting and sewing exhibit the range of Fiber Arts practiced by Artisans’ Co-Op members. Each has her own palate of colors and textures. Locally grown wool and yarn for spinners and knitters, and many knitted, woven and sewn garments are all featured in the gallery.


Demonstrations will include spinning, felting and weaving, and some items will be on sale at reduced prices. Meet our fiber artists  at a reception and enjoy food and beverages

Sale 11am to 5pm.  Demonstrations 1pm to 3pm. Reception 3pm to 5pm.

17175 Bodega Hwy, Bodega, CA 94922 -


Natural Dyes

Martha Cant from Starbuck Station Wools uses Madder (Rubia tinctoria) plants to create a beautiful red color for her wool. Madder dye plants make one of the most light-fast of natural dyes that has been in use for thousands of years.


We have a large selection of clothing made from hand from scarves, sweaters, slippers, boots, jackets, and hats. Traditional methods, locally sourced fiber, natural dyes is celebrated at our gallery. We have raw fleeces, wool processed intoroving or sliver, and hand spun yarns.